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Our Story…

Welcome! Let us tell you a little about ourselves. Gunter Manchen is the founder and inspiration behind Euro Pianos Naples.

“Music is in our roots..........”

Euro Pianos Naples is the sublime setting for the prize jewels of the piano industry--European luxury instruments from Italy, Germany and Spain.

As the sole Floridian distributor of the world-renowned Italian Fazioli grand piano, Euro Piano’s beautiful piano and art salon nestles in North Naples and is taking the industry by storm. With innovative ideas, creative risks, and a team of live-wire entrepreneurs, we cater to the most discerning of musicians, patrons, and Port Royal designers seeking quality high-performance instruments, as well as extraordinary art work. Our incomparable consulting services and expert technicians complete the best piano experience for our clients.

Euro Pianos Naples had humble beginnings, after immigrating to Canada from Germany in 1965, Gunter Manchen used his lifetime skills as a master concert technician and piano builder to establish a successful Toronto store with his partner, Wayne Chen. Gunter and his wife Gisela raised a family and decided in 2001 to open a second store in Southwest Florida, bringing with him an exceptional collection of European pianos.

Over the next decade, Gunter and Gisela were mainstays of Naples' fledgling arts and music organizations. Sadly, suddenly Gunter passed away in 2011.

Gisela has passed the baton to one of her daughters, Sunny Reuter, (a piano expert in her own right from an early age,) and has given Sunny her blessing to explore a new model of piano enterprise. No longer a city-block-long showroom of used, antique, and varied models of any and all brands, Euro Pianos Naples now focuses on quality and performance instruments, (even if a few are in the economy-price ranges.) This new business model opened in 2015 in new quarters and boasts a reputation for impeccable products and service.

Under Sunny Reuter’s guidance, an international staff includes:

Sales Manager (and professional photographer,) Raniero Tazzi who is a colleague of Paolo Fazioli,( the founder of the best piano ever made) got a DMA in piano, and previously was an artist manager working with top musicians in the industry.

New York sales consultant and media expert, Sergei Lugovskoy, a graduate of Juilliard who managed the Naples store for many years and now directs internet and web-related promotion and marketing.

Milana Strezeva, the noted concert pianist, also a Juilliard graduate and a founding member of the Manhattan Piano Trio, who handles in-house events and marketing as well as art-related consultations.

Samantha Reuter who follows in her family’s footsteps, marketing pianos and lending assistance to events on frequent visits to Naples (while she finishes her studies in Canada).

Beverly Jackson, a published writer, poet, and painter who provides administrative and accounting support and blogs for Euro Pianos Naples.

James Bender, Ph.D., master tuner, technician, artist educator, certified PianoDisc installer, and a superior team of technicians who are in demand for professional concert tunings, home service, repairs, rebuilding and player piano installations.

Our professionals are available to present design options in the comfort of your home or in our extraordinary showroom. Call or come and see us!

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Let us tell you a little info and cool facts about our team members. Each one of us brings something unique to the company and to the clients.

Cool Facts About Us
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