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Exotic Wood Pianos of Fazioli

One of the most remarkable things about Fazioli pianos, aside from its world famous auditory performance elements, is the variety of art cases available, including exotic wood pianos. Discerning customers and designers often seek interesting pianos to enhance the interiors of showcase homes, hotels and restaurants, where the standard concert-stage Ebony Polish may not be striking enough. Some people want cool pianos, elegant pianos which reflect the personality of the venue or customer.

The rarest and most beautiful woods in the world are chosen for their grain, color and quality. Fazioli is already known for the “resonant spruce” used inside its instruments, harvested by special permit from the same forest where Stradivarius found the wood for his violins. It’s only logical then, that this Italian piano builder would be the master of building grand wood pianos which embody the finest that money can buy. True connoisseurs of singular treasures appreciate their value.




If you have never heard of this exotic wood, it might be because it is so rare, and can only be imported from Japan for the most exclusive projects.


Native to Manchuria, but transplanted to the mountainous regions of Japan centuries ago, this particular ash owes its value to a uniquely figured grain which resembles peanut shells laid side by side. Tamo trees develop this design when strong vines encircle their trunks. This girdling restricts the flow of nutrients, so the tree grows in spurts, and the grain shows it.

For aeons, the beautifully configured wood was used solely for Japanese royalty and shoguns, due to its rarity. The intricate lacy pattern of Tamo reflects light revealing the depth of chocolate brown beneath its ashen veil. It’s thrilling how a Fazioli piano case with this exotic veneer excites the senses. A treasured art piece.




Fazioli’s Macassar model is another example of the use of a rare wood with an unconventional and elegant grain. Macassar Ebony trees are few and far between. Found on the Asian, Indian and African continent, they grow to fifty feet in height over the span of 100 years.




The wood’s amazing striped patterns of blacks and dark chocolate browns is a visual feast. Macassar is known for its strength and hardness.

There are history books suggesting that the Greeks drank from goblets shaped out of this wood, apparently believing it was an antidote for poison, and would ward off their enemy’s evil intent.

Fazioli Macassar is a distinctive look for a grand piano.




Fazioli Brunei was built for the Royal Palace of the Sultan of Brunei. It is yet another tribute to the incredible workmanship of the handmade Fazioli grand pianos. The warm redwood glow of the sequoia burl case is inlaid with mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones. A feather-pattern provides a lavish backdrop to the intricate classic infinity ribbons that encircle it. The filigree floral rosettes accentuate the near-keyboard sides of the case and legs.



The tessellated lid is a masterpiece featuring a large diamond enclosing the polestar of a crown jewel in light burl and mother-of-pearl embellished in a classic array of garlands.

The Fazioli F308, the ten foot flagship grand piano, is a fitting size for the Brunei art case and a perfect compliment for a royal residence.




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