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Interior Design Ideas With Pianos

Naples, Florida is the home of some of the most beautiful and exclusive homes in the world. A tour of Port Royal luxury real estate communities reveals oceanfront and lakeside properties, golf properties, and condominium high-rises that are the equal of the most lavish estates in the nation. Port Royal interior design is in demand, and pianos that can match the splendor of such interiors are finally here.

Magnificent real estate anywhere is always the province of extraordinary interior design, and Naples is no exception. Naples interior design is the dominion of the easy but elegant lifestyle of the balmy tropical outdoors coupled with an eye to social and entertaining standards that Southwest Floridians have come to expect in a cosmopolitan city that is home to The Naples Philharmonic, The Napes Players, Opera Naples, the Baker Museum to mention only a few of the myriad arts and music venues.

Pianos, of course, are a mainstay of good Naples interior design, because they symbolize all that Naples embraces, as well as the seven elements of good design.


1. The first element is SPACE, and pianos can be used effectively to create illusions of space, to fill expanses of space, and to overlap with other objects to create the visual spatial effect needed.

2. LINE is the mother of form and shapes, and lines are responsible for establishing harmony, unity, and contrast in a living space. Notice how the lines of the piano, the filigreed stairwell, the ornate chandelier and table all take on a new form visually.

The many windows and high ceilings of this room below, as well as the planked floors further use the element of line and disparate intersections (as in the ceiling) and piano lid to create an effect of organized harmony.

3. FORM and shapes can be geometric, free form, or organic. As an element of design they can often be surprising and playful, or traditional in grandeur.

The oddly shaped windows echo the piano lid and surprise the viewer.

With the use of quiet and traditional shapes, the classic piano, the overstuffed chair, the vase of tulips, familiar shapes can make a serene living space that soothes.

4. COLOR (hue, value and intensity) always plays a major role in interiors and can be used in pianos as well to full effect. Today’s high-end pianos are as original as modern and classical art and just as beautiful.

5. TEXTURE as a design element cannot be ignored. Texture moves the eye from object to object, creating visual interest and focal points in a room.

Notice how metal, fabric, tiles, ceramics and wood–all tactile objects, soft, hard, diverse can create surprises and excitement.

The Bluthner “Hive” piano is textural eye candy. One wants to touch its surfaces for its smooth Lucite feel.

6. LIGHT (and lighting) play their own important role in designing any room, and today’s pianos have taken advantage of the dramatic effects that can be created with LED lights on the piano itself. (sample below in a Lucid Bluthner with blue LED)

7. PATTERN, like texture, is another element that moves the eye about a room, from object to object, and often cleverly marries disparate designs into a coherent whole.


Many people come to Naples just for the winter season, and some have smaller apartments or condos, but still want the opulent lifestyle that Naples offers year round. By choosing the right piano for the space, pianists can have beautiful instruments and surroundings in their home away from home. Here are some examples of how smaller pianos can fit perfectly into limited spaces.





Nestled in North Naples, Florida, Euro Pianos Naples is a high-concept salon which offers the world’s most prestigious brands and most innovative pianos and fine art.

Taking an approach that extends beyond “piano store,” Sunny Reuter has converted a 30-year-old family piano business into a new modern concept of services for the client seeking quality and state of the art products, plus offering the one-on-one care and follow-through services that most of us think of as memories of the distant past.

Euro Pianos sells high-end luxury and design pianos, as well as quality performance pianos by some of the best piano manufacturers in economy models. Our movers, tuners, repair and rebuild experts and technicians provide the level of service that one would expect from a business interested in beauty, art and making the world a better place for music.

Come in and see the Frank Sinatra Player Piano, the Uprights that carry a New York skyline and another upright with a one-of-a-kind original painting by Michael Monroe, an award winning Naples artist. Not only are the walls filled with art, the pianos are the most talked about sensations in the industry.

We are the sole Florida distributor of the world-renowned FAZIOLI grand pianos, and invite anyone in Naples, resident or visitor, to drop by the salon, and sit down at a Fazioli grand for a once in a lifetime experience. Have a drink and pick our brains about the choices you have ahead. Or just drop by and say hello.


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