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Aire Clear Piano by Euro Pianos


There’s an exciting new piano on the market, developed by Euro Pianos Naples, and we couldn’t be more eager for you to see it!


We are presenting, after considerable research and development of new materials and technical processes, the AIRE, a beautiful acrylic grand piano which was specifically designed to be an affordable lucid piano. To keep up with the styles of 2017 fashion, most decorators, restauranteurs, upscale venues and homeowners are demanding more and more innovation in their choices of pianos. The transparent acrylic piano has quickly become a favorite, due to its unique and sophisticated modernity.


AIRE, a luxury piano in its own right, is a fusion of a traditional piano action in wood cabinetry (in a wide choice of colors), with hand-tooled acrylic legs, lid and bench, to give the magic of transparency and light-reflecting lucidity to the piece. The crystal shimmer of acrylic gives a large grand piano both the appeal of glimmer and the appearance of being airy light, adding an ambiance to any setting that can’t be matched by standard models.


Because this clear piano can be customized, a range of finishes and colors of the piano case itself are available. Black, white, red, mahogany, matte silver—all adorned by acrylic—give the buyer an advantage for making their own statement of décor and fine taste.

Aire Clear Baby Grand Piano

Aire Clear Baby Grand Piano

At Euro Piano Naples we have received an overwhelming response to our selection of acrylic transparent pianos. As our client’s vision for their home’s interior grows ever more sophisticated, so is the demand for a piano that fuses tradition with technology and modern design.

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  • Aire Clear Baby Grand Piano 3
  • Aire Clear Baby Grand Piano 4
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