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Bluthner Lucid Pianos


Blüthner, a privately-owned family business, has been making pianos of the highest quality in Leipzig, Germany, since 1853. and today boasts the world’s most extensive selection of transparent “Lucid” Bluthner grand pianos. Blüthner builds about 100 verticals a year in four sizes, and 500 quality German grand pianos a year in six sizes.


Until 1900, Blüthner was Europe’s largest piano factory. During World War II, the factory was bombed, but after the war the East German government allowed the Blüthner family and workers to rebuild it because the Blüthner piano was considered a national treasure (and because the Soviet Union needed quality pianos).


The transparent piano is realized in reinforced Plexiglass exposing the beauty of what’s within. Customizable, the look of the lucid piano Blüthner is created by the client’s desires and imagination. From exotic veneers on the side panels (faux leather in the case of the PH) to gold, or chrome frames, the transparent instrument can be uniquely designed. The addition of LED illumination will add a touch of magic to this clear piano. Bluthner Lucid is where tradition and know-how of piano-making meet the vision of the future. See our best piano brands – Bluthner for more details.


Blüthner pianos have a very full sound that is warm, romantic, and lyrical, generally deeper and darker than some of their German counterparts. Sustain is good, but at a low level of volume, giving the tone a refined, delicate character. The action is a little light, but responsive. The pianos are built of superb materials, and are favorably priced compared to some of their competitors.

Bluthner Lucid Piano iDyllic

Bluthner Lucid Piano iDyllic

At once ultra modern and yet of such traditional design Bluthner Idyllic glass piano will fit naturally into a contemporary high-tech smart home but it will also deliver an unexpected touch of visionary progressiveness to a more classic interior.

  • Bluthner Lucid Piano iDyllic 2
  • Bluthner Lucid Piano iDyllic 3
  • Bluthner Lucid Piano iDyllic 4
Bluthner Lucid Hive Xtravaganza Piano

Bluthner Lucid Hive Xtravaganza Piano

Bluthner HIVE Extravaganza is a stunning feat of engineering that marries a wild vision with tradition of excellence in piano building. This semi-transparent stastal piano houses a polished wooden skeleton that is fashioned as a bionic structure of a bee-hive.

  • Bluthner Lucid Hive Xtravaganza Piano 2
  • Bluthner Lucid Hive Xtravaganza Piano 3
  • Bluthner Lucid Hive Xtravaganza Piano 4
Bluthner Piano Model PH

Bluthner Piano Model PH

If you are someone who likes to defy the convention and surprise with your choices Bluthner PH is a piano for you. Innovation and fantasy are parents of this daring and imaginative instrument.

  • Bluthner Piano Model PH 2
  • Bluthner Piano Model PH 3
  • Bluthner Piano Model PH 4
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