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FAZIOLI Piano F183

FAZIOLI Piano F183

F183 is a second smallest baby grand in Fazioli family but it has a lot to offer to a piano lover and professional alike. A perfect practice machine F183 gives the full range of dynamic opulence of our larger models while remaining conveniently petite.

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Never a Compromise

We live in the world full of choices. With Fazioli baby grad pianos the size is a choice but never a a compromise. We have designed a range of very compact and easily movable baby grand pianos with the modern family in mind.

Dimensions and weight:

6′ x 60″ x 38″ or 183cm x 152cm x 98cm

750 lb or 340 kg


Fazioli_F183_01_s - Euro Pianos Naples

Whether in a suburban or city dwelling our Fazioli baby grand will fit into your lifestyle seamlessly delivering a superior quality of piano but with space conscious dimensions.


The compact size of F183 accommodates the ‘neighbor’ issue most apartment dwellers are all too familiar with.


Simply close the lid entirely and the sound output is reduced drastically while you have the pleasure of the superiors Fazioli action and color of the sound.


Whether for a professional musician or piano aficionado Fazioli F183 represents the top priorities of any piano owner: superior action and sound quality, convenient size and timeless elegance of a stately grand piano.

Product Photo Gallery

Fazioli F183 03
Fazioli F183 03

Product Photo Gallery


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