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Euro Pianos Naples welcomes you to the “Under the Lid” piano blog place where we strive to keep you informed and entertained with everything important and interesting in the world of pianos. We’ll show you how to choose a piano, how to decorate with pianos, what makes luxury pianos, the histories of famous piano manufacturers, reviews and photos of musical events, and you can catch some interviews with people in the industry who know all about pianos. Check back with us frequently and see what’s new. Everyone knows that the piano magic is always hidden under the lid.


Clear acrylic piano white polished Aire


How To Choose A Piano

Buying A Piano Online

How To Choose A Piano For A Place Of Worship

How To Choose A Piano For Your Child

What You Need To Know Buying A Baby Grand Piano

How To Choose The Right Model Of Fazioli

Modern Grand Piano

Care Of Your Designer Piano

Upright Pianos – The Whole Story

Piano For Beginners

Best Piano Brands Series:

Top 10 Best Piano Brands

Top 10 Best Upright Piano Brands

The Top 15 Baby Grand Pianos And How To Evaluate Them

Best Piano Brands – Part 1 – Fazioli

Best Piano Brands – Part 2 – Bluthner

Piano Brands – Part 3 – Steinway

Best Piano Brands – Part 4 – Sauter

Piano Brands: The Asian Market – Part 5 – Yamaha

Best Concert Grand Pianos

Fazioli vs Steinway

Most Expensive & Extraordinary Pianos

PianoDisc Player Systems:

Interview With Pianodisc Technician

Player System Upgrades And Repairs

Pianodisc Vs Pnomation: Which Will You Choose?

Alexa – Play My Favorite Song!

Design Ideas and Transparent Pianos:

Interior Design Ideas With Pianos

A Clear Choice – Transparent Pianos

Why White Pianos Never Go Out Of Style

The Aire – New Transparent Piano By Euro Pianos Naples

The Mystique Of White Pianos

Decorating A Room With A Piano In Mind

How To Fit A Small Piano Into Your Small Room

Piano Wrapping – The Cosmetics Of Style

The Luxury Yacht & Pianos

Modern Piano Designs

Acrylic Furniture – What’s Hot In The Market

Acrylic Piano Benches

Interior Design – Miami, FL

Piano Journeys:

Fazioli Model M Liminal – A Journey From Italy To Naples, Florida


Piano Basics:

Who Invented The Piano

How A Grand Piano Works

Piano Keys 101

Piano Pedals

Baby Grand Piano Dimensions

Fur Elise – The Mysteries


The Top 15 Best Baby Grand Pianos and How to..

Model: The Top 15 Best Baby Grand Pianos and How to Evaluate Them
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Piano Pedals

Model: Piano Pedals

Pianos are amazing instruments with many interesting working parts.  The instrument is truly a collaboration of genius ideas made into miracles of sound and beauty.  The pedals on a piano have history, just like the piano itself.

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Fur Elise – The Mysteries of the Most Famous Piano..

Model: Fur Elise – The Mysteries of the Most Famous Piano Piece

Nothing intrigues the public like the secrets of the great and famous.  Whether it is in 2017 or 1810, the mystique of secret loves and unknown origins captivate us all.

When the mystery involves Ludwig van Beethoven, a musician who stands historically at the pinnacle of greatness and fame, it ups the ante considerably!  The romance of it all makes one almost swoon (as they might have said in 1810).

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Piano Keys 101

Model: Piano Keys 101

Pianos are amazing instruments. With over 12,000 parts, moving actions, cases, strings, dampers, all synchronized to magically create music, the actual keys are sometimes forgotten.

Today’s pianos (both digital and acoustic) as well as portable keyboards can be found in many key configurations. The more keys, the greater the instrument’s range.

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Who Invented the Piano?

Model: Who Invented the Piano?

Sure, I can give you a name, (and he wasn’t Egyptian) but you can’t truly report on the inventor of the piano without looking back through the entire history of man for the nuanced answer. Never was there a better case of the results of a person’s accomplishments coming from standing on the shoulders of his myriad predecessors.

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Piano For Beginners

Model: Piano For Beginners

They say it’s never too late to learn. But for an adult who is interested in learning piano and doesn’t get a start as a child, it may look like a daunting challenge. Where to begin? There is much to know about pianos and music, and one might be correct to think it’s difficult. A lot of the difficulty depends on the intentions and desires of the beginner. Any endeavor that requires dedication and focus, such as making music, brings its own rewards. We believe the entire process involved is a noble and humbling effort. The more passion one has for the process, the more successful one will be.

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