Designer Grand & Upright Pianos for Sale

We have organized ideas and provided links across this page to aid you in finding the piano style and design you are seeking. Or perhaps you wish to browse until you are inspired by a particular piano design.

Designer Pianos intrigue those who seek daring, innovative shapes and finishes. These dramatic, one of a kind pianos are perfect for clients who wish to stand apart.

Exotic Veneer Pianos perfectly compliment fine furnishings with their meticulously handcrafted cases in the rarest of wood veneers. In the past, the scarcity of these rare woods in some parts of the world kept them for the use of royalty only.

Transparent Pianos are fashioned from high grade acrylic which not only reveals the magic of the action, but create the airy lightness of it floating in a room.

Modern & Art Deco Pianos are catalogued here for direct access to high tech and contemporary design elements to compliment your home, lobby or restaurant.

Upright Pianos are no longer the stepchildren of grand pianos. Take a look at the beautiful new stylings and contemporary designs specifically for smaller spaces.

Pianos for Yachts are the ultimate expression in glamour and fine taste. The instrument on board a yacht should reflect the high standard and exquisite design of the vessel.  We have just the grand piano for that job.

Select from legendary European manufacturers such as Fazioli, Bluthner, Boganyi, Sauter and others. Euro Pianos Naples offers unprecedented access and unique design possibilities, all just a click away.

Bluthner Lucid EXO modern transparent piano_2

Lucid EXO

Private collection – one of a kind
3-D printed aluminum frame sculpted with acrylic inserts. Designed by Monad Studio in Miami.

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Bluthner Lucid iDyllic Excellence Rose Gold

Lucid iDyllic

World’s only fully transparent grand in world’s only full line of designer transparent pianos.

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Bluthner PH

Designed by Danish artist and designer Poul Hennigsen to set the bar for all modern pianos to come, an icon in the industry.

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Aire™ baby grand transparent piano

Aire™ Piano

Step into the world of quality designer instruments with the Euro Pianos’ baby grand Aire.

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Fazioli M Liminal

Limited Edition magnificence in a futuristic piano designed by NYT Line and handmade in Italy by master builder Fazioli.

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Fazioli Gold Leaf Piano Ultimate Luxury Product

Fazioli Gold Leaf

A luxurious grand piano that is covered in 24-carat gold leaf.

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Boganyi grand piano

Boganyi Piano

An uber sophisticated grand fashioned from carbon fiber, including the sound board, in a legendary redesign of the instrument by famous pianist Gergely Boganyi.

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Bluthner Lucid HIVE Elegance_WHITE-SILVER

Lucid Hive Elegance

The epitome of graceful innovation, the Hive Elegance captures the imagination with acrylic and high fashion design.

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Sauter upright designed by Peter Maly

Sauter Pure

Clean lines with soft off-white matte finish and natural wood keyboard, Sauter Pure puts uprights into their own upper class of designer quality.

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Sauter contemporary upright piano

Sauter Concent

With a combination of a high gloss finish with trimmings of open-pore wood, this stylish upright pops with classy sophistication and eye appeal.

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Sauter Model Vitrea upright piano

Sauter Vitrea

The pale frosted green panels and designer V-shaped lid make this stunning upright a contender for unique designs, and gives a nod to the antique glass arts of Venice.

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Bluthner Lucid Elegance_1

Lucid Elegance

The semi transparent rim is designed to feature custom colors and patterns on the body of this acrylic masterpiece, earning its Elegance in superb designer friendly customization.

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Concert Grand Pianos  

Euro Pianos Naples has the expertise and resources to help you find the perfect concert grand piano for your space.

Designer Pianos for Your Home

Euro Pianos Naples offers a wide variety of transparent, semi-transparent and designer pianos for your house. Browse our  selection of designer pianos.

Traditional Grand & Baby Grand Pianos for Sale

We offer a selection of classic black grand pianos handmade by the world’s most famous manufacturers.

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