Buying a Luxury Piano Online

Euro Pianos Naples, a leader in the sales of the best and most beautiful European luxury pianos, with a history of successful traditional piano stores dating back to 1965, provides exclusive online services for designers and piano consumers searching for unique piano treasures.

Online purchases of luxury and designer goods have become mainstream. Rare coins, luxury leathers, Swiss watches and expensive art are available on as well as many other e-commerce venues. High-end retailers with virtual showrooms are flourishing across the web. In our own 2016 sales, we found clients increasingly ordering online, and expressing their appreciation for the ease and convenience.

The benefits of buying a piano online are many. The variety of models and brands, sizes and designs of luxury pianos are myriad – choices you would never find in a bricks and mortar store. Designer pianos are elegant, precision instruments which cannot be inventoried in a warehouse or stored like coffee cans. By offering the customer expert consultation from an established and experienced company like Euro Pianos and the diversity of magnificent merchandise, online buying is not only the wave of the future, but for designer pianos, is the only sensible and forward thinking way to find a piano to buy today.

Are there risks involved in buying a piano online?

Absolutely not, with one caveat. You must work with an experienced and reputable retailer like Euro Pianos Naples. You are assured of receiving a new, fully warranted instrument designed and built specifically for you, with your input in consultation in collaboration with our experts and the European piano makers.

Risk comes at times from buying used pianos or mass-produced inferior brands, but designer pianos make online purchases the best place to buy a piano.

Euro Pianos specializes in new vertical and grand pianos for sale. We open up a whole new world to our clients offering tips on exactly the right design elements for our clients always striving first and foremost to stay within budget. The website boutique is organized into categories. You may be after a particular style: Classic, Designer, Exotic Wood, Transparent, Art Deco, Modern, Upright, or even a piano for Yachts.  Euro Pianos Naples has it covered! Every piano we sell is customizable in some way – colors, rare wood inlay, a surprising new piano shape, gems, LED lights, paintings, graphics and inscriptions. The list of variables is as long as your imagination. Never before in the history of music has there been such an incredible selection of pianos as objets des arts.  Take for example the transparent pianos for sale on our website.  They are able to be personalized any way you choose.

Bluthner Lucid Piano

Everyone knows the prices on grand pianos are higher than those of upright pianos.  The experts at Euro Pianos Naples source European designer Uprights that feature a Grand Piano Sound and Feel. Take a look at the “Pure” model, created by award winning designer, Peter Maly as an example.

So, the question is no longer “how much does a piano cost?” but rather “will the piano I choose represent my sophisticated taste, will it not just take up space in my home, but also enhance and complement my decor?”

Sauter Pure Upright Piano

How does one go about buying a piano online at Euro Pianos?

The process is to call or email stating your wishes. With your choice(s) in mind, we will send you information and photos. We will begin a conversation with you or your designer. When a purchase decision is reached, a 50% deposit is made whereupon the piano is ordered. Manufacture can take up to nine months or more. When your piano is ready to leave the factory, the balance is due.  Our services include freight and duty to bring your piano to North America, white glove, insured delivery to your home, professional setup by our expert technicians (we have a national network). We will work hand in hand with your architect or designer.

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About Euro Pianos Naples

Euro Piano Naples, a world-renowned distributor of European designer pianos, has company origins dating back to 1965.  Its innovative online boutique, caters to designers and consumers seeking the best, and offers the zenith of luxury instruments, including its own newly designed acrylic piano, The Aire.  Based in Naples, Florida, Euro Pianos Naples is a community leader actively engaged in artistic and commercial affairs, sponsoring a series of grand piano concerts featuring world class pianists.