Florida Southwestern State College Purchases 6 Hailun Upright Pianos


Euro Pianos Naples provides Florida Southwestern State College with Six New Hailun HU 5P Upright Pianos

Naples, Florida – July 2018


Florida Southwestern State College has ordered six new upright pianos after an extensive overview of their instruments in an upgrading project starting in 2014 with Euro Pianos Naples.  Working hand in hand with the college, EPN, who specializes in in creative alliances with clients, architects, interior designers and decorators, provided a detailed evaluation and summation of the college’s pianos.

Sunny Reuter of EPN, familiar with the needs of students to have quality instruments for music studies, did extensive research for the most cost effective and performance worthy replacements for some of the existing Yamaha and Kimball uprights, now in disrepair, purchased by the school in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  In 2006, EPN had supplied the college with two classic European grand piano Bosendorfers.  In 2014, with another EPN evaluation, it was determined that many of the uprights needed to be upgraded. FSW’s music department tirelessly lobbied for funding to supplement the budgets for new pianos.  In a supportive move, Hailun and EPN collaborated in a special effort to take the original order for HU116’s, (institutional 45” Hailun uprights) and deliver instead HU-5P’s, the superior 50” professional studio models without negatively impacting the school’s budgetary limitations.

Hailun’s HU-5P Uprights were designed for the larger, professional studio and provide a powerful and well-balanced sound with a colorful tone. Cold pressed hammers of highest quality German Wurzen felt are the heart of the sound. With stability assured in both tuning and action, students will benefit from the exclusive PAS Keyboard Stability system. The uprights have slow-close fallboards and classic design with a cabinet height of 50 inches and the Hailun Performance Plus design European hornbeam action.  Each piano is accompanied by an adjustable bench with music storage.

Hailun HU5 Upright Piano at Florida Southwester State College
Hailun HU5 Upright Piano