Euro Pianos Naples Brings Designer Pianos to New York ICFF Show

Aire™ White brass
Sauter Pure upright piano


Euro Pianos Naples Brings Designer Pianos to New York ICFF Show

Naples, Florida – May 2018

Euro Pianos Naples specializes in designer and acrylic art case pianos in creative collaboration with clients, architects, interior designers and decorators—for bespoke and quintessential luxury instruments.

On May 20-23, 2018 the Luxury International Furniture and Home Fair presents the latest designs to New York City at the Javits Center with 800 exhibitors and 36000 industry peers. Euro Pianos Naples (Booth 3027) will display two Aire™ acrylic baby grands and a Sauter Pure upright (pictured above).

The Aire, manufactured in Miami, was designed by Euro Pianos Naples. These acrylic models featured with both polished black and polished white cases (and can be customized to any color/finish) are remarkably well priced for a crystal piano, 5’ 2” in size and is EPN’s best-selling baby grand. 

In addition, EPN’s exciting new design, The Echo, a mid century modern upright, featured in their ICFF brochure, will be available for order. Complimentary design consultations for all models are available at the show, before and after.

Euro Pianos Naples in an online piano boutique.  Customers browse our website to find the piano of their choice if it already exists and find personalized ideas for customization. No need to settle for less diversity by traveling from brick and mortar store to store. Our expert movers then ship the piano of their dreams to their door. 

About Euro Pianos Naples:

Euro Pianos Naples is a respected distributor of European luxury musical instruments. The company’s origin dates back to 1965. Euro Pianos represents world renowned brands such as Sauter and has recently become a manufacturer of its own cutting-edge models, including the acrylic instrument – The Aire, the mid century modern upright, The Echo™ and the modern upright, The Mix. Apart from being a successful retailer and entrepreneur organization, Euro Pianos is actively engaged in the artistic and community life of Naples, Florida as an organizer and supporter of musical events throughout the years.

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