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This part of the website we dedicate to sharing the stories of our pianos with you.   

Stories about memorable pianos we have designed and sold. 

Stories about incredible spaces and their designers. 

Stories about our wonderful clients who entrust us with their dreams. 

We hope you’re inspired and if you are considering the purchase of that special, once in a lifetime piano, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to create a piano for you.

Aire™ acrylic piano_white1

A big thank you to the young couple from Michigan. 

In 2016 I met a young couple from Michigan shopping for a transparent baby grand for their new home. They were deeply disappointed to learn their budget would not accommodate our German acrylic pianos. As our conversation ended, I heard myself promising I’d try to find an acrylic piano within their price range. Little did I know that I would end up designing and building a custom acrylic piano just for them. I named this piano AIRE™.

Acclaimed designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard used a white AIRE™ in the home of Kylie Jenner who was preparing for her baby’s arrival. Kylie and the piano, photographed by Douglas Friedman, appear on the cover of Architectural Digest March 2019. I am very thankful for the young couple from Michigan, the AIRE™ has become my best-selling piano.  

architectural digest
Interior Design: Martyn Lawrence Bullard Photography: Douglas Friedman

An Easter delivery.

Beginning of April 2020, we received a call from a California designer. His client, a well-known entertainer, was looking for a grand piano suitable for a mid-century modern home. Immediate delivery was a pre-requisite. 

One of Peter Maly’s modern German grands would be just perfect; either the Vivace or Ambiente; but where to find such a custom piano on such short notice?   

We were able to, with the help of so many, deliver the gorgeous stainless steel and ebony Vivace below on Good Friday in the middle of a lockdown.  

Sauter Vivace piano
vivace stainless steel detail

From a booth at the Javits Center to the top of the world! 

We had so much fun debuting our AIRE™ pianos at the 2018 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in Manhattan. Along for the ride was a Peter Maly PURE upright.  This pretty little creamy white and maple piano caught the eye of a NYC designer shopping for her clients. This piano traveled from our booth at the Javits Center to its new home in the children’s playroom of a Lower Manhattan penthouse.  

piano booth

Simply Sensational Lucid Pianos 

A violet hued Swarovski grand piano and a waxed alder and rose gold piano with wishbone legs. 
Could these two pianos possibly have anything in common?  Yes. 

In each instance we worked directly with the client. A design firm was not involved.  

We are showing you these two pianos because we think they are simply sensational.   

Now the race is on as to which will be delivered first. 

violet hued swarovski piano
rose gold piano

When a piano is too big for the elevator.

Knowing that pianos come in all different shapes and sizes, we were non-plussed selling the M Liminal designed by Philippe Gendre and NYT Line as realized by Fazioli.  

The piano was purchased as the finishing touch for a Naples, Florida penthouse created by Renée Gaddis Interiors

There was only one problem – the elevator wasn’t large enough for the piano!
 So, we elected to install the piano with a crane during the summer months when most residents would be away. Summer is also hurricane season and this penthouse is on the ocean. Careful calculations of just how much breeze the crate could withstand without beginning to sway wildly were done. The crate, once it was on the terrace, would need to be unpacked quickly. Florida is famous for heavy summer downpours!  

Once the piano was in place, all that remained was to test the player system. The Eagles began to sing “Take it to the Limit” accompanied by that magnificent grand piano. This was truly a moment to savor!

piano delivery via crane
piano delivery
piano installation

There is an Echo™ in Nashville!  

I adore mid-century modern design and was wondering is there anyone building a piano with that esthetic these days. The answer was a resounding no.  

So I designed and built a mid-century modern piano and named it the Echo

The Echo™ piano below enjoys pride of place in my client’s “music city” home. 

echo piano in nashville
nashville echo piano

When a one of a kind piano is entrusted to you.

In 2019 we worked with a client who loved music. She ached for a piano in her home. That it be a rare collectible, was the criteria. 

The client inching towards a decision coincided beautifully with Paolo Fazioli offering Sunny Reuter a rare opportunity to present his masterpiece, the Aria.  

Aria, designed by Philippe Gendre and NYT Line, is an exclusive version of the limited-edition Fazioli M Liminal.      

On a cold November day, we delivered the one of a kind Aria, proudly bearing the mark of her maker. 

Our client’s dream had indeed become a reality. 

piano delivery of fazioli piano aria
aria fazioli

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