Pianos Under Staircases

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When the time comes for buying a grand piano, whether it be a baby grand or a concert grand, the first interior design consideration is where to place the instrument.

Some homeowners have dedicated music rooms, or can integrate a piano into the living room or recreation room. This is not a solution for every home, but clever designers have come up with a practical and beautiful idea. In houses that have staircases, the wasted space under the steps is sometimes a “hole” in the décor that verges on an eyesore. Others, to avoid a void, might fill it with grandma’s pie pantry, or some other unused storage pieces. That same space could be a perfect place for a grand piano.

The very existence of a second story raises ceilings and provides an expanse of space that requires consideration.  Chandeliers and skylights often add the needed proportional detailing while a grand piano can lend the mass to anchor the lofty dimensions.

Because of the space, many interior designs are confined to color combinations of black and white, employing lines, direction, textures, shapes, and tones to tie together the ensembles of architecture, art and music. Others go to town with color, but regardless, with a concept, it can come together and give you that grand piano you want.

In the example below, the piano offers an elegant entry into the main room, and seems to provide the gravitas to offset the airy spindles of the staircase and lacy chandelier. This classic décor is warmed by the beautiful pale tones of creamy butter against gray walls. 

Piano under the stairs_1

In a monochromic design scheme, such as the cream and white textured décor below, a piano can provide a focal point that pulls the elements together. Even the soft curves of the arched doorways and curved landing echo the piano’s lid. The balusters of the stairway provide a vertical repetition that moves the eye from soft to rigid and back again, providing a pleasing balance.

Piano under the stairs_2

As evidence that there is no one right way to do things, the piano for the extremely lavish room below was chosen with a totally different design concept in mind. The white instrument was chosen in order to blend with the white of the floor’s lustrous marble, drapes, stair steps and complex white architecture with its pillars and ornate staircase, the eye is left to bounce off the filigreed black designs of the fantastic balustrade as well as the patterned rug and piano bench which echo the lacy shapes of the chandelier.   

Piano under the stairs_3

This modern, sweeping staircase in a soft spiral seems to embrace the grand piano beneath it. With the black and white motif, the statement is bold but simple. The black sculpture and black grand piano become united as art objets. Whimsically, one could almost visualize musical notes dancing down this balustrade  with its lines like staff paper.

Piano under the stairs_4

Another example of the filigreed wrought iron balustrade and white marbled floors shows off the classic grand piano in balance with the lavish chandelier. Note the carefully spaced LED spots on the ceilings, the subtle magic that lighting can add to a room. A traditionally staid design suddenly pops with surprises of modernity. 

Piano under the stairs_5

Again, the winding staircase in this arched space fairly begs for a grand piano to be tucked under it. With the addition of wood in balustrade, stair treads, and the living room hardwood floor, soft shades of tan and butterscotch walls complete the inviting and warm music area of the traditional home.

Piano under the stairs_6

This white staircase, edged with sheer acrylic, emerges from a surprising ceiling of sweeping, rounded recesses, right out of a space ship. A traditional chandelier is almost hidden in the large modern cavity, and the graceful lines of the dark grand piano, set against its world of whites, lends balance to the grandiose shapes and lines of the architecture.

Piano under the stairs_7

In an eclectic burst of color and design, this amazing stairwell with its circular landing begs for the attention of all the senses. The huge concert grand piano sits on a floral art carpet with an audience of Chiluly-like glass art in flower shapes, under an enormous carved curly-cue chandelier above. Stained glass windows, a red door, a huge leopard skin ottoman, and myriad other details make this a space not likely to be soon forgotten. Each element is an individual conversation-piece and artistic stand-alone statement, with a formidable piano as its hub.

Piano under the stairs_8

In stark contrast to the room above, the simple staircase, clean lines and single hung sash windows of this space are soothing and a proper surround for the baby grand, littered with fresh flowers. You can almost smell Spring, and feel quietude and rejuvenation just looking at this photo.

Piano under the stairs_9

This home’s foyer is also the landing for the winding staircase, with ample space beneath the stairwell for a grand piano. The warmth of wood, and the delicacy of the dual chandeliers give this space a crisp, traditional design heightened by wonderful window exposures of sunlight.

Piano under the stairs_10

Black and white is featured in this modest sized, modern living room with a stairway descending into the foyer. A black baby grand fits into the niche beneath the stairs and echoes the black balustrade, front door and furniture trim. The modern acrylic/glass coffee table and chandelier give this traditional room an eclectic charm.

Piano under the stairs_11

Sleek and sophisticated, this gorgeous staircase, bordered on the outside with acrylic, is so massive that it almost dwarfs the grand piano sitting beneath it. The modern architecture and high ceilings leave room to spare in this chic space with its surprise art and splashes of color.

Piano under the stairs_12

This curved and interesting stair provides a wall for a narrow passage with floor to ceiling windows. A grand piano is the perfect minimalist objet d’arte for such a space. The black and white theme with filmy grey curtains that mimic the floor’s marble grain complete a very architecturally beautiful space.

Piano under the stairs_13

Oops, is that space under the stairway just not big enough for a baby grand? A small house does not mean that it can’t accommodate a piano. This pretty little upright piano fits perfectly below the acrylic border of a natural-colored wood stairway, descending into a modest-sized room.

Piano under the stairs_14

Sometimes the stairway is constructed in such a way that there is no alcove. But usually that means there’s a wall instead, and sometimes such a wall is the perfect place for a piano. In this case, the walnut case of the grand harmonizes with the lovely hardwood floors, stair treads and bannister. The delicate carpet echoes the tones in   classic subtlety.

Piano under the stairs_15

It almost looks like the architect of this space had a grand piano in mind when he designed this staircase. The arched windows, the shape of the ceiling and gentle curve of the stairs all reflect the contours of the grand. The surprising pop in this space is the black and white checkered marble that stretches the length of the entryway. An additional arch and a peek at pillars in the background conjure a regal spaciousness. 

Piano under the stairs_16

This lavish double staircase is the penultimate of a glamorous setting for a grand piano. The instrument gives a clear comparison of how massive the chandelier above it is. The lacy balustrades in black wrought iron with matching balconies, marble steps and pillars are all provocative reminders of the dramatic opulence of yesteryear, in the days of Hearst Castle and tycoon mansions along the Hudson River Valley. 

Piano under the stairs_17

This staircase is a vision of romantic filigreed railings and balustrade which contrasts and compliments the contoured walls and pillars, with its arch and detailed Federal style enhancements. The grand white marble floor and pale oriental carpet add more spaciousness to the landing, and the baby grand piano is a relatively small exclamation mark beneath the  unfurled black iron lace.

Piano under the stairs_18

This charming little studio with industrial-mode fittings is another example of a baby grand piano claiming its home under the stairs. Airy and light, small in size, the loft bedroom and modern tone of the apartment advertises what music lovers already know: there’s always room for a piano.

Piano under the stairs_19

Grand is the word for the graceful black balconies and staircase of this elegant space. A grand piano parked at the bottom of the stairs punctuates accents of black along with black statues and paintings  in a room otherwise golden with shades of yellow, gold and the sheer crystal of a chandelier that mimics the Nautilus curl of the feet of the wrought iron railings.

Piano under the stairs_20

A smaller space can capture the same magic of filigreed wrought iron, golden colors and crystal. This baby grand, tucked under a gently winding staircase epitomizes elegance, and is enhanced by the spectacular waterfall chandelier.  The choice of textured walls in shades of old amber and curry create a cheerful tone without losing the formality desired.

Piano under the stairs_21

You don’t need Scotty to beam you up when you have this intergalactic-looking staircase, as unique and modern as you can find. The eclectic surprise is that the stairway descends on a near-traditional setting, with its traditional grand piano tucked beneath. However, the inlaid floor in an intriguing mandala pattern, seems appropriate to a space odyssey and the embedded lighting, like stars above might be a nod to someone’s merging everyday living to the galaxy.

Piano under the stairs_22

This is another example of the wall of the stairway used for grand piano placement. In this space, the wrought iron balustrade gently swirls down to a traditional setting with oriental carpet, cream colored walls, and a beautiful vintage chandelier with iron fittings.

Piano under the stairs_23

Here is another example of a modified “alcove” or “wall” – just a little corner nook for a cozy baby grand to snuggle into. Traditional, American, simple lines and soft hues, pianos and stairs go together like Mom and Pie. The soft yellow of the walls and soft color of the carpets all lend a serenity to this setting.

Piano under the stairs_25

Finally. A last word. When there’s no alcove beneath the stairs, and no wall hiding the stairs, is it still possible to place a grand piano nearby? As this extraordinary room shows, all you really need is a good idea.  The stairway, protected by acrylic, makes a nice backdrop for a transparent grand piano. But wait a minute. What is there’s no upstairs? I’m not sure if my eyes are deceiving me, but I think those stairs lead to nowhere, to air, and perhaps this entire stairway was built purely to be a backdrop for that acrylic piano! At any rate, it looks great and works as an artful setting for music making.

Piano under the stairs_24

When looking for the perfect spot for that new piano, don’t forget to check out the unexpected. You’d be amazed where you’ll find music!

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