In 1978, musician and engineer Paolo Fazioli of Rome, Italy, began designing and building Fazioli pianos, with the object of making the best grand pianos of all time. This manufacturer has surpassed the best of the best. Now even the most famous piano makers of Western Europe are recognizing his Italian pianos as superior, and celebrated artists throughout the world are using the instruments on the concert stage. Pianists most familiar with Fazioli concert grand pianos, describe them as sources of inspiration with a wide color palette and dynamic range, and combining great power with great warmth in a way that causes music played on them to “make sense” in a way made possible by few other pianos. They use words such as “limitless” and “intuitive”.

Fazioli builds only grand pianos, about 150 per year, in six sizes from 5′ 2″ to 10′ 2″, the last one of the largest pianos in the world, with the further distinction of having four pedals. (See our best piano brands – FAZIOLI for more details.)

Fazioli’s new factory complement the adjoining 198-seat concert hall used for public concerts of well-known musicians. Every instrument Fazioli makes is tested here before it leaves the factory.

The Fazioli Model F156, ( 5’2”), the smallest of the Fazioli grands, we rate as the best baby grand piano in the world.  In spite of its dimensions, it retains the famous Fazioli sound and action. When space is limited but quality is demanded, this is a remarkable instrument.

The Fazioli Model F183, ( 6’), is the next size grand that fits comfortably in most homes and studios. The distinct balance between the bass and treble projects its tone exceeding its modest dimensions. The signature Fazioli rich and brilliant sound suits the entire piano repertoire.

The Fazioli Models F212 ( 7’) and F228 (7’6” ) are the classic sizes for small and medium concert halls, for teaching, performing, and the recording studio.  With the additional length, the seven-foot grands come very close to the full concert grand in dynamic mechanics, with a full rich timbre ideal for solo repertoire or chamber music.

Fazioli Models F278 (9’2”)  and F308 ( 10’2”)  are the epitome of concert grand pianos, The F308 is known as the crown jewel of Fazioli’s Pianoforti, designed for modern large-capacity concert halls. By increasing the string-length of the bass section, this instrument was designed for immense power and extraordinary harmonic richness. Fazioli invented a fourth pedal for The F308 which can be used to reduce volume without modifying timbre.

The Fazioli artisans can execute virtually any custom-ordered artistic variation on the six Fazioli models, including the use of rare woods in many hues, burls, gold leaf, enamels, mosaics and mixed motifs.  Hand made to perfection, Fazioli pianos are truly the zenith of mastery.

In addition to the custom art-cases, Fazioli has also presented the industry with the ultimate new designs in modern and contemporary styled pianos.

The Model M.Liminal designed by NYT Line and Philippe Gendre, commissioned for a yacht. Inspired by the sea, the shape of the side evokes the profile of a wave while the silver/black colour that of a dolphin. The red of the soundboard and black of the cast iron frame filter through the transparency of the plexiglas music stand.

The Model Aria is also designed by NYT Line and carries the modernity of M. Liminal to another evolution of the forward-thinking bold designs of tomorrow, available today. When one realizes that the piano shape has been approximately the same silhouette for hundreds of years, this renaissance in piano making is one of the 21st Century delights.