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In the 1800’s, Nanette Stein, the earliest known woman piano builder and company owner, married Johann Steicher, a famous Viennese piano builder and merged their businesses to become famous for excellent instruments. Due to their reputations and skills, they befriended and made clients of Beethoven and Mozart.

In 1813, an ambitious young Johann Grimm left Germany to join the Streichers as an apprentice and in 1819, armed with knowledge, returned to Germany to build his own excellent pianos.  Having no heir, his nephew, Carl Sauter inherited the business and the lineage of Sauter pianos began. Six generations of Sauters have owned the firm since then, currently run by Ulrich Sauter in southern Germany.  It is the oldest continuously running family-operated piano company in the world.

Piano manufacturers assign serial numbers to each piano, and in this way you can determine the age of the instrument.  The Sauter piano serial number is fascinating because the sequence started with the #2500 series  in 1870.  By 1959, the series was in series #20000.  Today the numbers run in excess of #100000.  Just looking at a list of serial numbers of the major Europeans builders is like pondering the history of the piano industry. It’s also a great way to establish dates for antique pianos that survived.

Producing approximately 800 verticals and 120 Sauter grand pianos each year, their factory is situated at the foot of the Alps. Structural and acoustical parts are made of high-quality woods, including solid Bavarian spruce soundboards and beech pinblocks. Actions are made by Renner, and Sauter makes its own keys. The keybed is reinforced with steel to prevent warping, and all pianos are fully tropicalized for humid climates. The larger Sauter upright pianos use the Masterclass action, designed and patented by Sauter, that contains an auxiliary jack spring to aid in faster repetition.  In essence this performance action makes an upright piano feel and play like a grand piano.

For the past 20 years, the company has made versions of its 48″ upright and 6′ 11″ and 7′ 6″ grands with cabinets designed by the famous European designer Peter Maly. Some recent designs include the 48″ upright Vitrea, after the Latin word for glass, with a veneer of colored glass covering the front of the cabinet.

Excellence is always the rating in any Sauter piano review. Sauter pianos are high-quality instruments with a lush, full, singing tone, closer to an “American” sound than most other European pianos. Sauter piano prices are in the mid-range of luxury pianos with uprights starting in the $30K range and grands starting in the $80K range. In some circles, these can be considered “bargain” prices for such handcrafted European instruments.

Euro Pianos Naples invites you to explore the Sauter pianos for sale which are famous for the variety of finishes and styles in which they are available, many with intricate detail and inlay work. Customizing such rare woods as yew, burl walnut, pyramid mahogany, and genuine ebony in the cabinets, as well as special engravings, are available for any customer’s desire.  Sauter also builds some of the most futuristic modern pianos in the world in collaboration with designer Peter Maly.

Sauter Model Ambiente grand piano


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Sauter Vivace grand piano


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Sauter Model Vitrea upright piano

Vitrea Glass

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Sauter Vivace piano

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Sauter model Artes upright piano

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Sauter contemporary upright piano


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Sauter wood finish piano


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