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Bluthner PH Grand Pianos

The Bluthner PH is for innovators and dreamers, those seeking to defy convention and surprise with their choices. With the gravitas to elevate every setting, the PH grand piano takes your interior design to the next level

Innovation and Fantasy Designed by Poul Henningsen

Electrify your home’s interior with this futuristic masterpiece and not a single guest will soon forget your party.


5′ – baby grand piano | 6’1″ – grand piano

Optional Attachments:

PianoDisc Self-Playing Player System

Price: Please Inquire

Availability: Special Order

Bluthner PH_leopard

Lucid PH - Leopard Print with Chrome

Bluthner PH_blue

Lucid PH - Blue with Gold

Bluthner PH_veneer

Lucid PH - Wood Veneer with Chrome

bluthner model ph

Originally designed in 1931, the PH is lovely in midcentury modern homes, holds its own in minimalist surroundings and perfectly complements today’s contemporary residences. Rim materials are available in a myriad of materials and colors ranging from exotic lavender anaconda, classic brown leather to fire engine red or sparkling Swarovski crystals to create exactly the right look you’re envisioning.


The low-rising case of the piano exposes the iron frame creating the same ‘open-heart’ found in collectible time pieces. 

bluthner close up

Patented cross stringing endows the PH piano with beautiful sustainability of tone and resonance, the stalwart characteristic of a superior grand piano.

bluthner image 5

The finishing detail of the Bluthner PH piano is the crystal transparency of the keyboard cover, the music stand and the piano lid inviting us to marvel at the architectural prowess of its creators and their keen eye for detail.  This piano is uniquely unforgettable!

bluthner image 6

Close the lid and the piano looks like an exotic dragonfly resting its iridescent wings.

LUCID PIANOS Transparent Pianos

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