Boganyi Piano

Designed and built by Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi, the Boganyi piano is recognized for its distinctive shape and the use of carbon fiber materials. This performance grand piano is available as the Prestige B-262 and the Grand Prestige B-292 models.

A New Grand Piano Engineered to Bend Dimension and Sound

Boganyi pianos are the result of a collaboration between two Hungarian masters: concert pianist Gergely Bogányi whose name the piano bears, and industrial designer Péter Üveges famous for his guitars. 

The piano is constructed of space age carbon fiber and features an enlarged soundboard for superior sound delivery. This soundboard (the heart of the piano) carries an unprecedented 100 year warranty. The use of carbon fiber enables the piano’s unique shape and makes it less susceptible to the effects of humidity and temperature changes.

Dimensions (Grand Prestige B292): L 9’8” x W 6’2” x H 3’3”

Dimensions (Prestige B262): L 8’7” x W 7’5” x H 3’5”

Optional Attachments:

PianoDisc Self-Playing Player System

The carbon fiber body and re-designed support of the Boganyi piano, creates a distinctive cantilevered shape and enhances the sound quality. The custom Boganyi bench echoes the design of the piano.

Boganyi pianos are fully customizable inside and out. Wireless self-playing player systems are available upon request.

The soundboard consists of multi-layered carbon-fiber materials with a rippled surface, sprung and detached from the piano frame. The new high tech materials are much more resilient to fluctuations in humidity and temperature. 

Every  Boganyi soundboard carries a 100 year warranty, unprecedented in the industry. Custom crimson cast iron frame shown

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