Echo Mid Century Modern Piano

Inspired by the timeless elegance of the 1950s, the Echo is a sleek addition to today’s modern interiors. Encased in this compact upright body is a responsive action with a dynamic and warm sound.

*Shown in Walnut Satin finish

SALE PRICE: $7,995

Mid Century Modern

Although 70 years old, mid century modern designs are much in demand. Designed to be smaller and sleek, mid century modern interiors adhere to the principle of less is more

A satin walnut exterior featuring classic, angled legs, brass hardware – this 43 inch console upright features a sleek look perfect for today’s modern home.

Dimensions:  H 43″ x W 58″ x D 22″

Weight: 425lbs

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Availability: One in Stock

Sale Price: $7,995

The Baldwin Acrosonic from the 1960s may have been the inspiration for this piano, but the Echo is nothing like the old consoles and spinets of the past. Featuring a new, sophisticated modern piano action and a taller cabinet allowing for a bigger soundboard and longer string length, this console upright, the Echo, is a very capable instrument perfectly suited for all playing levels.

Wrapped in a warm natural walnut finish, accented with brass, the Echo complements modern interiors where simplicity is of the utmost importance.

True to the mid century modern style, the Echo’s angled, tapered legs are the crucial style element, providing enhanced stability while playing.

We couldn’t forget about the importance of a stylish piano bench to add the finishing touch to the Echo. Our walnut bench has tapered legs and a soft fabric cushion.

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