FAZIOLI M Liminal by NYT Line

Are you ready for the epic journey to the galaxy far, far away? With Fazioli M Liminal nothing is impossible – you just have to dream it. Though created here on earth by humans of Fazioli – M Liminal found it’s most recognizable home among the stars, on the spaceship of Ridley Scott’s movie, Prometheus. Ever wondered what piano might sound like in the dark vacuum of space? All you have to do is find your M Liminal.

M Liminal – The Fifth Element

At once unimaginable and yet so familiar M Liminal embodies humanity’s greatest ability: to dream and then to manifest those dreams through science, craft and esthetic inspiration. The unique story of M Liminal’s birth begins with prime element that allows all life on Earth-water.

Designed as an abstract evocation of both the boat and the dolphin the first M Liminal was created for our valued customer’s yacht. From the moment the design renderings took their actual form we knew that the legend was born. Centuries-old tradition of piano building was never going to be the same. The completely redesigned mixed materials case is suspended on a single pedestal. The combination of use of carbon fiber, irregular shape of the case and completely re-engineered sound board in fact improve the acoustical qualities of the piano. The transparent reinforced lucite music stand and support rod streamline the visual effect so that M Liminal appears to float in the air as an absolute monolith. That element of defying gravity gives M Liminal its futuristic, spaceship sensibility. Now joining the two elements Water and Air is Earth.

Fazioli engineers had to completely re-think the architecture of the piano to allow only one and slender column to support this heavy and complicated structure. The balance and grounding of M Liminal is an architectural feat and gives M Liminal absolutely stability on any surface and in any environment be it a yacht, an aircraft or a luxury penthouse. The fourth element – Fire – is what is under the lid of M Liminal. The most advanced Fazioli action rests within this high-tech case and gives a medium sized M Liminal the power and resonance of a full concert grand. What about the fifth element you might ask? Fifth element is you – a lucky owner of M Liminal. It is the pianist whose touch will ignite a supernova and bring this celestial creature – M Liminal – within our reach.

M Liminal is built to order so each and every one will be customized to manifest your vision.


8’8″ x 69″ x 40″ or 263cm x 175cm x 101cm

1323 lb or 600 kg

Customizable Interior and Exterior

Price: Please Inquire

Availability: Limited edition special order


The floating effect of M Liminal is achieved by it’s unique case architecture and material. The single wave of a side panel sweeps up from the keyboard in a dramatic curve thinning out towards the end. Thus M Liminal ‘plunges’ into the air like a dolphin.

The single specially designed carbon fiber pedestal supports this Fazioli grand piano. The exposed silver ‘belly’ of the case contrasts the high-gloss polish of the veneer of the case giving M Liminal an effect of lightness and streamlining.


The gleaming black lacquer of the inside of the case as well the black painted soundboard creates a unique two-tone exterior of M Liminal. The transparent lucite of the music stand and support rod allow the eyes to appreciate the singularity of M Liminal’s form.

Open the lid and set sail on the mythical journey as M Liminal transforms into ethereal sailboat navigating the seas of your imagination.


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