Fazioli model Malachite grand piano

FAZIOLI Malachite Grand Piano


The Crème de la Crème is the expression that comes to mind when we see Fazioli Malachite. This lavish and classic art case grand piano is adorned with intricate inlay weave in a geometric, infinity-invoking pattern. Each link of the pattern features four-petal bloom realized in the traditional cross-like fashion with precious mother-of-pearl at each end of the petal

The Crème de la Crème

The extraordinary touch of color and extravagance is brought by a vibrant green malachite medallion imbedded in a floral infinity twirls at the keyboard sides of the case as well as the surface of the lid. The exotic semi-precious malachite was beloved by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Somewhat closer to our times it was used by Russian Tzars to panel rooms and carve furniture out of it for their palaces. Malachite is also knows to have healing and protective power, which adds this positive and old-world belief to the charm and grace of this elegant and unique Fazioli Malachite piano.


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Fazioli Malachite grand piano

The blond geometric inlays interplay beautifully with the light-blown veneer of the case. The timeless and elegant architecture of classic Fazioli grand piano provides a perfect canvas for the display of prodigious woodwork of Fazioli artisans.

The combination of straight lines of the geometric weave of the main part of this inlaid tapestry is contrasted by stylized floral vines with Malachite medallions in the center of the infinity twirls.

Fazioli Malachite back view
Fazioli Malachite designer piano

The back side of the case features and stunning palm-tree-and-vines vignette right above the back leg of the marquetry piano. This mother-of-pearl and malachite motif ingeniously ‘mirrors’ the form of the architectural shape of the base of piano’s leg.

Fazioli Malachite Piano will fit beautifully into an exotic interior connecting the different cultures and different centuries in the elegant yet extravagant fashion.

Fazioli Malachite inlaid piano design

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