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Lucid EXO Private collection one of a kind design

If futuristic minimalism is your passion, you will have found an exciting example of exactly that in the EXO. Built by Bluthner, the company producing HIVE and PH pianos, EXO manages to utterly revolutionize piano building by incorporating MONAD Studio’s signature 3D designs.

A fluid, almost cage like shape pays just a hint of homage to tradition before it soars thrillingly to hitherto unexplored heights.


6’3” long

Available Colors (body/rim):

Aluminum skeleton available in any RAL color

Price: Please Inquire

Availability: One only by special order

Transparent Piano designed by MONAD Studio

Elegance and strength harmoniously intertwine, strand by strand, to form the body of this sublime instrument. Sweeping aluminum arches flowing into each other form a single, perfectly tapered stiletto upon which the piano rests. The dynamic connection joining the two front legs curves beautifully along the floor as it houses the piano’s 3 pedals.

Bluthner Lucid EXO modern transparent piano_4
Bluthner Lucid EXO modern transparent piano_2

A design juggernaut; the EXO is a bona fide performance grand engineered and handcrafted by the renowned German piano manufacturer Bluthner.

At the heart of things, its interior, the EXO seems almost ordinary! Let’s shatter that illusion with a look at the sculpted exoskeleton framing the piano’s instrumental core. EXO is everything but ordinary.

Bluthner Lucid EXO modern transparent piano_3
Bluthner Lucid EXO modern transparent piano_4

Take a closer look at the radical three dimensionality of the EXO to detect the almost invisible music rack made of crystal clear German Evonik acrylic.

To those craving the sheer excitement of radical design, sonic expertise, opulence, fluidity and elegance – this is your piano. EXO.

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LUCID PIANOS Transparent Pianos

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