Schimmel NWS Edition grand piano

Wilhelm Schimmel Edition Grand Piano

With over fifty years of experience, Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel created a Special Edition grand piano with his team of Schimmel expert craftsmen. This Model NWS Edition is a classical Ebony high gloss grand using quilted maple and a distinctive leg design that sets it apart.

Best of Schimmel

Nikolaus Wilhelm Schimmel developed the slow-free-fall lid system of the Schimmel grands, another hallmark of his creativity.  Each of these grands is verified by his signature on the fallboard of the instrument.


206cm x 103cm x 152cm

Optional Attachments:

PianoDisc Self-Playing Player System

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Schimmel NWS Edition grand piano

Classic Ebony Polished cabinet with custom wood veneer fallboard.

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