Sauter Cayenne Upright

Sauter Pure Cayenne Upright

Peter Maly’s piano designs seamlessly blending functionality and form, result in unusually elegant pianos, strong accent pieces, perfect for contemporary homes. Pure is available in a myriad of colors and wood veneers.  We particularly like the drama of this Pure Noble Cayenne red piano.


Sauter Pure’s iconic architecture available in Basic or Noble versions (the latter with chrome plated metal strips imbedded in the corners) exemplifies perfectly a “less is more” esthetic.

The revolutionary double wing lid opening adds drama to the cubic design while enhancing the sound that now travels sideways in opposite directions only to blend perfectly in the room.


H 123.5 cm x W 156 cm x D 59.5 cm

Optional Attachments:

PianoDisc Self-Playing Player System

Price: Please Inquire 

Availability: Special Order

Sauter Pure in Cayenne finish

Pure in Custom Cayenne Finish

pure cayenne upright

Perfect for a sleek modern interior Sauter Pure is an ideal instrument for a city music lover who appreciates modern design and technology and appreciates the quality of one of Europe’s oldest and most esteemed piano builders.

The butterfly lid, unique to Sauter pianos, serves two purposes. It adds a touch of elegance and grandeur and aids as well in the even distribution of the piano’s sound.

close up sauter cayenne red
Quote by Peter Maly

Peter Maly pianos by Sauter; winners of the 1999 Red Dot Design Award (Vivace), the 1999-2000 Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award (Pure), and the 2020 Focus Open Design Award (Rhapsody).

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