Sauter Vivace Grand Piano in Walnut

Vivace’s airy presence and unimposing architecture is ideal for urban piano lovers who value the luxury of less is more while enjoying the supreme quality of an established and reputable European piano builder.


With Vivace Sauter gives the world a new, post-modernist grand piano that embodies the simplicity and functionality of the genius-bar age. The steel legs are now adjoined with the panel up front that houses the pedal lyra while all we see is air, punctuated by the metal rods that administer pedal functions. Much like the open-heart mechanism of the most coveted luxury watches this modern piano revels in exposure of its core functions.

The traditional curves give way to truncated verticalities of the side keyboard panels lending the entire piano’s body a singular, enclosed appearance.


Length 210cm  x Width 160cm  x Height 102cm

Available Colors (body/rim):

Assorted Wood Veneers And Ebony

Optional Attachments:

PianoDisc Self-Playing Player System

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Availability: Special Order

Sauter Vivace grand piano

The combination of the industrial steel and warmth of the matte wood veneer create a contemporary ensemble perfectly suited for an ultra modern interior design where hi-tech functionality meet natural elements in a pure and elemental harmony.

The stainless-steel squares are imbedded in the wood outlining the familiar curvature of the piano shape while the lid nests inside of the piano’s body. This small revision of the traditional lip overlap lends this Sauter piano its clean simplicity of form.

Sauter Model Vivace piano lid
Sauter Vivace grand piano
Quote by Peter Maly

Peter Maly pianos by Sauter; winners of the 1999 Red Dot Design Award (Vivace), the 1999-2000 Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award (Pure), and the 2020 Focus Open Design Award (Rhapsody).

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