Sauter Rhapsody

This piano with its beautiful lines and curved corners was designed by Peter Maly in celebration of Sauter’s 200th anniversary. Horizontal lines of matte wood veneers beautifully contrast a glossy key case giving the Rhapsody simple sophistication and zing.

Sauter Rhapsody

Satin walnut/polished black
Completely polished black with black polished fittings.
Satin maple/polished white
Completely polished white with chromed fittings.

Dimensions:  H 122,5 cm, W 153,5 cm, D 59,5 cm

Optional Attachments:   PianoDisc Self-Playing Player System

Price: Please inquire

Availability: Special Order

Effective details such as the touches of ebony in contrast to the wood veneer, elevate the timeless design of the Rhapsody to iconic piano status.  Truly, this is a vertical piano capable of holding its own in any setting.

Available in different wood finishes, the Rhapsody upright compliments modern and traditional décor. Its simplicity and grace make it a space-saving luxury item, with Sauter’s famous European quality in every resounding note.

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