Sauter Rondo

Sauter Rondo Upright Piano

1960s are back in vogue and nothing reinterprets the iconic obsession with everything round and soft-edged more than Sauter Rondo. This unique and amazingly whimsical Sauter piano represents the concept of edgelessness in a sleek and stylish way.

Elegant Black

A true statement maker Sauter Rondo will inspire conversations, sing-along, dance-arounds and certainly a slew of piano selfies.



125 cm H x 157 cm W x  59 cm D

Finishes: Wenge Satin or Black Gloss finish

Optional Attachments:

PianoDisc Self-Playing Player System

Price: Please Inquire 

Availability: Special Order

Sauter rondo upright

From the rounded corners of its body to the rounded sides of the keyboard box Sauter Rondo says “look at me! I’m not like any other upright piano and I know it!”

The two round chrome tubes serve as feet for Sauter Rondo and peek out from under the piano as if they are winking at the spectator and saying: “C’mon, let’s dance! It’ll be fun!”

Sauter Rondo upright piano
Sauter wood finish piano

Sauter Rondo is a perfect party piano that will always have people gathered around its soft contours, admiring the elegant simplicity and joyous whimsy of its design.

Look at the details of the Sauter piano lid!

Sauter upright piano with round edges

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  • Sauter piano with chrome legs

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