Schimmel Tradition Intarsie Liaison grand piano_L

Schimmel Tradition Intarsie Liaison Piano

When one thinks of a liaison of sound and beauty, the Schimmel Model Tradition Intarsie Liaison springs to mind.  It is a spectacular melding of a great many rare and unique woods into intarsia wood-inlaying-art, a skill that dates back to pre-7th Century.


This lavish traditional piano shown here in a high gloss mahogany rivals the grand pianos of the Renaissance and the finest instruments of today not only in beauty but in incomparable Schimmel performance.

Available upgrade for models:

Schimmel K219, Schimmel K175, Schimmel C213, Schimmel C189, Schimmel C169, Wilhelm Schimmel W206 and Wilhelm Schimmel W180. Please contact Euro Pianos for pricing.

Optional Attachments:

PianoDisc Self-Playing Player System

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Availability: Special Order

Schimmel Tradition Intarsie Liaison grand piano_L

Mahogany high-gloss finish with inlays.

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