Aire Clear Baby Grand Piano

*Available in white, black and red polish.

Glamorous and sophisticated, the Aire minimizes the visual heaviness of a traditional baby grand piano without compromising sound or playability. Set on crystal clear acrylic legs with a fully transparent lid, the Aire quite simply floats. A piano of singular beauty.

A New Acrylic Piano on the Market

Measuring just over five feet in length, this designer baby grand is the perfect size for a modern living room. The combination of traditional piano making with acrylic components, preserves the beautiful acoustic properties of the piano while enhancing the look.

Available in classic Ebony or Snow White polish finish with a choice of chrome or brass hardware.

Dimensions: Length 5’2″ x Width 58″ x Height 40.5″

Available Colors (body/rim): Ebony Polish, White Polish, Red Polish (upgrade)

Hardware: Chrome or Brass

Optional Attachments: Wireless PianoDisc Self-Playing System, Acrylic PianoBar Attachment

Bench: Acrylic bench or Acrylic Stool

Warranty: 5 years

Shipping: Nationwide and Worldwide insured shipping available

Aire in black polished with chrome trim

Aire in black polished with chrome trim

A product of novel technology Aire fuses the traditional wood body of a piano with acrylic legs and lid resulting in a levitating crystal grand piano that is magical and familiar.

Unlike a typical wooden piano lid that blocks what is behind it when fully open, the Aire’s fully transparent lid lets you experience the full sound of the baby grand without visual obstruction.

Transparent piano legs support the body and create a floating effect.

If you are not looking for the visual contrast of the black Aire, consider the White Aire for a more homogeneous effect.

The clear lyra houses the pedals while the clear music desk draws the eye to the beauty of the piano interior.

The transparent lid reveals the cast iron plate which is available in bronze or silver.

Don’t play? Consider adding a wireless player system.

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