Classic Pianos

When it comes to acoustic pianos the sound of the instrument is it’s unique voice. It took over a 150 years of innovation, science and passion to give the world today’s classic piano. Lacquered in gleaming ebony and accentuated with brass hardware the classic pianos’ black and white esthetic is timeless and elegant. Synonymous with musical genius, the shape of the piano is the epitome of refinement.

Our selection of classic pianos from the world’s leading piano manufacturers is second to none. At Euro Piano Naples you have Fazioli,  Sauter,  Schimmel and  Bluthner under one roof giving you access to  the crème de la crème of the world’s most desired musical instruments. They say practice is what it takes to get to Carnegie Hall. It simply takes the presence of a Fazioli F212 to bring Carnegie Hall into your living room. The ultimate full size grand for the ultimate connoisseur. Fazioli’s 7′ F212 is perfectly suited for a sprawling villa with a ballroom for grand in-home entertainment.

If you wish to traverse the musical firmament in a lighter vehicle, Fazioli’s F183 is the way to go. For urban dwellings the 6 foot classic grand is an ideal choice.

At Euro Pianos Naples we offer unparalleled customer service and the widest curated selection of acoustic pianos in Florida. Enter the world of eternal beauty that will transform your home and inspire your loved ones.