Exotic Veneer Pianos

Trees are a magical gift Mother Nature has given us. As the proverbial Tree of Life, they symbolize origin and discovery. Within their ancient trunks hides such beauty that people have crossed the world over in their pursuit of attaining it. The world’s greatest art has been inspired by the unique grain of precious woods.

Enter exotic wood pianos. The intersection of nature and design –  these grand pianos exist in a class of their own.

The rarest of our planet’s woods take center stage in the classic shape of an exotic wood piano. Like the finest jewelry these gem veneers adorn the instrument;  an embodiment of beauty and inspiration. At Euro Pianos Naples our selection of exotic wood pianos is sure to exceed your expectations as we offer the most exclusive models available. The breathtaking Fazioli Tamo BurlFazioli Amboina and Fazioli Poplar Brier. The unique Story and Clark Islander and Versailles. These exquisite grand pianos will transform your interior into a luxurious realm where grace and beauty reside. By choosing one of our exotic veneer pianos your have entered into a global fellowship of connoisseurs and lucky owners of the world’s most precious instruments.

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