Modern Pianos & Art Deco Pianos

Every once in a century or so a style revolution comes along changing the way we perceive the essence of architecture and design. Such a revolution took place when Art Deco style took the world by storm changing what had been previously accepted as the norm and standard of shapes forever. Art Deco’s industrial roots planted strongly on the ground in the square and rectangular shapes evoked the new era’s skyscrapers. It’s homage to antiquity, particularly Ancient Egypt, is evident in the use of triangular and masonic symbols. Soon the new star style on the creative firmament Art Deco seeped into every industry and art form – from Cartier Jewelry to Lalique vases. Naturally the modern grand piano can’t remain uninvolved in exploration of new, avant-guard principles of beauty.

Modern and Art Deco Pianos favor industrial metals and the warmth of the wood married in a geometry of form and exquisite detail.

Sauter’s  Vivace and Ambiente represent the purest spirit of Art Deco. The Fazioli Telus, a unique architectural creation,  embodies modernity. Piano designers re-nterpreting the classic piano form, fearlessly incorporate modern design principals and elements, creating instruments with panache and collectability.

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