Pianos for Yachts

A yacht is the ultimate expression of personal style and individual vision of its owner. Each detail of a vessel breathes luxury. Make the choice of the piano that accompanies you on your journey a statement of what your world is all about.

We recommend that your musical sailing companion be carefully selected from  a tight edit of the world’s most exquisite grand pianos, each of which embodies the free spirited vision and ingenuity of their makers. Your choice is guaranteed to make a strong design statement with an unforgettable physical presence.

We would be remiss not to lead with the wonder of Fazioli’s  M Liminal. Commissioned for a yacht, this spectacular creation evokes at once the power of the sea and the silvery splash of a dolphin bringing together elements of wood, metal and plexiglass. No wonder this most daring of grand pianos found itself gracing the set of Ridley Scott’s movie, Prometheus. Close behind is Schimmel’s Pegasus. With its chariot-like bench and graceful upswing of the body, this wood and acrylic instrument captures your imagination with its promise of excitement and inspiration. Bluthner’s Lucid Idyllic is the romantic ideal of a grand piano – a crystal vision full of light breathing music into the sea around it. On a sunny day the sparkling turquoise waters of the Côte Azure are reflected through its classic silhouette while by night candles shimmer through the crystal body of this dream-like instrument. The Fazioli Gold Leaf will transform your yacht into a gilded palace fit for le  Roi Soleil. With its classic form adorned in gold leaf this epic stunner commands attention and awe and will elevate your yacht into the realm of a seaborne Versailles.

Bluthner Lucid EXO modern transparent piano_2

Lucid EXO

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Lucid iDyllic Gold Black

Lucid iDyllic

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Fazioli M Liminal

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Fazioli Gold Leaf Piano Ultimate Luxury Product

Fazioli Gold Leaf

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Lucid HIVE Xtravaganza

Lucid Hive Xtravaganza

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Bluthner Lucid HIVE Elegance_BLACK1

Hive Elegance

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Boganyi grand piano

Boganyi Piano

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Bluthner PH_veneer

Bluthner PH

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