Designer Pianos

Makers of modern designer pianos are trailblazers, wildly creative visionaries steeped in a tradition of excellence and history of piano making. It should come as no surprise that the world’s most important brands are also world’s most daring piano innovators.

Fazioli’s Aria reigns supreme the realm of futuristic interpretation of a 300 year old instrument. It and the M. Liminal (a spaceship dweller in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus) M Liminal soar stratospherically above and beyond what we imagined possible in piano construction. Metal, wood and lucite are married to a daring and breathtaking vision. Bluthner’s Lucid piano is a magical ethereal creation that appears to levitate in its completely transparent body. The LED lighting adds a fairy glow to this otherworldly beauty. Bluthner’s PH model is an imaginative wasp-like mixed media stunner! Sauter Vivace brings wood and metal together in an architecture that is simple and cool.

For those whose home is a realization of boundless imagination and awesome creativity, our designer piano vault is Mecca, the place to make your esthetic pilgrimage to.

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