Luxury Designer Pianos

For those with boundless imagination, those who desire to be creatively inspired by their surroundings, our range of luxury designer pianos is worthy of your esthetic pilgrimage.

Throughout the ages creators of designer pianos have been trailblazers, wildly creative visionaries steeped in a tradition of excellence and history of piano making. It will come as no surprise that the world’s most important European brands are among today’s most daring and passionate innovators; producing, in collaboration with designers and design firms, unique and awe-inspiring piano creations to stand the test of time. 

View tomorrow’s heirlooms below!

Sauter Vivace grand piano

Vivace Grand Piano

Designed by Peter Maly

A stunning combination of industrial steel and natural wood creating a contemporary piano silhouette perfect for today’s modern home. Vivace is built by the world’s oldest piano company: Sauter in Germany.

Bluthner Lucid EXO modern transparent piano_6

EXO Grand Piano

Designed by Monad Studio, Miami

A one of a kind, futuristic grand piano designed in collaboration with MONAD studio in Miami. There is no other piano like this in the world.  The EXO will be built once, after which the design will be permanently retired.

Sauter Model Ambiente grand piano

Ambiente Grand Piano

Designed by Peter Maly

An Art Deco inspired piano design, perfectly, elegantly realized by European designer Peter Maly. Made memorable by the stainless steel bands circling the legs and body and the strikingly simple metal lyre.

baby blue boganyi

Boganyi Grand Piano

Designed by Péter Üveges

This piano is the creation of Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi in collaboration with industrial designer, Péter Üveges, Boganyi pianos are revered for their distinctive cantilevered shape and innovative use of carbon fiber.

Bluthner Lucid PH modern piano

PH Grand Piano

Designed by Poul Hanningsen

Timeless. Iconic.  These words have been used to describe the piano designs of Poul Henningsen. The PH’s customizable finishes include the side panels and whimsically shaped legs of this futuristic 1931 grand piano. The PH is available in two sizes.


M Liminal Grand Piano

Designed by NYT Line

Metal, wood and lucite combine in this daring and breathtaking vision, creating a most unusual, musically perfect piano on a pedestal. Built by Fazioli. 

Aire™ acrylic piano_white1


by Sunny Reuter

Available exclusively at Euro Pianos Naples, Aire™ is the stylish best-selling acrylic baby grand piano on the cover of Architectural Digest. Upgradeable with a wireless self-playing system, transparent piano bar or LED lighting.

hive xtravaganza designer piano

Hive Xtravaganza Grand Piano

Strikingly futuristic, this Plexiglas grand piano, made by Bluthner, is a statement piece sure to elevate your home’s interior. This piano can be custom built in the color and size of your choice.

Bluthner Lucid HIVE Elegance_WHITE-SILVER

Hive Elegance

An elegant acrylic piano built by Bluthner. Fully customizable finishes including the sides of this futuristic piano.

Bluthner Lucid iDyllic Excellence piano

iDyllic Excellence Grand Piano

Designed by Lucid, built by Bluthner, the iDyllic is the apex of transparent pianos the world over. This piano’s action is completely visible and there is a floating soundboard.

Bluthner Lucid HIVE Elegance_WHITE-SILVER

Elegance Grand Piano

Lucid Elegance adds just a touch of color in the rim with the remainder of this luxury piano case in crystal clear acrylic. Select your unique rim, hardware, piano plate and soundboard finish.

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