Upright Pianos

The upright piano has undergone an extraordinary transformation in the past few decades. No longer a ‘lesser’ instrument that serves a purpose but doesn’t excite, our upright pianos made by Sauter are powerful instruments making daring and ingenious design statements.

While the intended outcome remains the same – everything else is reimagined and improved. From the stunning design concepts of Sauter’s Rondo and  Pure models to  an Art-deco design of  Sauter Artes upright, these upright pianos deliver superior sound and enviable style. Resonance is more tangible with Sauter’s iconoclastic lid featuring a dual opening, filling the room with stereo-like sound, all the while visually evocative of the opening wings of a soaring eagle.

Our selection of uprights is geared toward a music lover with strong sense of design seeking the best instrument for a space conscious environment. Sleek designs, in a host of colors and materials give our upright client the ability to enhance their space with a compact yet remarkable instrument to delight and fascinate for years to come.

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