Red Piano – The Meaning Behind It

Euro Pianos Naples is about to roll out the red carpet for its latest design, the brand new red polish Aire™ baby grand!

Red Grand Piano_2

Sitting on crystal clear acrylic legs with a fully transparent lyre and lid, this Aire™ baby grand is RED HOT news in the piano world. Whether you think Scarlet red or Cherry red or Fire Engine Red, or best of all Ferrari red (!), the human eye has been attracted to, drawn to, seducedby the color RED since the beginning of time.

This little beauty can be ordered in 5’2” or 4’8” lengths to fit the most cozy nook of a living room, recreation room, music room, as well as being an eye catching addition to any commercial venue from a hotel lobby to a cocktail lounge. It comes with brass hardware as purchased, but Chrome can be special ordered, as well as the optional attachments of a wireless PianoDisc self playing piano system and an acrylic wraparound apron thatcreates a piano bar.

A customacrylic bench or stool accompanies the RED Aire, this newest darling of Euro Pianos Naples’ product line.

Just what is it about RED that makes heads turn, stops traffic, and excites the human heart?  Even Valentine’s Day, the celebration of Love, is famously red.

Which made me think of the shape of Euro Pianos’ logo (above) which is only a heartbeat away from being a Valentine, which figures since this company is known for customer service, quality products and yes, well, unadulterated love of our clients and red carpet treatment!

The Enormous Historical Symbolism of the color RED

There are myriad reasons why RED resonates with most of us. First of all, it is the very first color we see as infants (besides black and white). The impact of that alone causes subtle physical and unconscious psychological reactions during one’s lifetime that cannot be underestimated. Tests have proven that the color can stimulate energy, increase the blood pressure, respiration, heart and pulse rate. And that’s not all. Depending on the cultural aspects added to the physiological elements, you can add that Red increasesenthusiasm, confidence and provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety in some cases. And ultimate joy in others.

All around the globe, Red plays out its importance in symbolism and tradition.  The color is representative of beauty in many cultures and language: the red dot on the forehead in India and surrounding countries symbolizes the third eye, and is considered the sixth chakra,the seat of “concealed wisdom.”

 Islamic, Hindu and Chinese brides traditionally wear red.

In Japan, some of the statues of deities in the Shinto and Buddhist traditions wear red clothing or have skin painted red.

According to Japanese folk belief, red is the color for expelling demons and illness.   

In China, red is associated with good fortune and luck. Red is worn to celebrate Chinese New Year, and red envelopes with “luck money” are given to unmarried children for obvious reasons.

According to an ancient Chinese myth, a monster called Nian, (a fearsome man-eating beast with the head of a lion and the body of a bull) hated noise, fire and the color red.

This accounts for the tradition of using red in their fire crackers, home decorations and clothing as protection and luck.

Feng shui recommends painting the front door of a home red to invite prosperity to the residents.

Greek Easter eggs are famously dyed red. 

There is a Greek saying –“touch red”– when two people say the same thing at the same time. It refers to the folklore that if these two later disagree, they can easily reconcile by touching something red to dispel any argument.

The national icons of England, phone booths, double decker buses and pillar boxes (for mai)l are proudly painted bright red. 

Ancient Aztecs made red dye from cochineal beetles and they considered the dye more valuable than gold. It followed that the Spanish introduced the crimson Cochineal red to Europe in the 1500’s.

The Catholic Church symbolizes feast days of martyrs with red, and red amulets were worn for centuries in many cultures to prolong life.

According to one source, when Dante spoke of the Seraphim – the first of the nine choirs of Angels who “glowed” with a “pure orange vermilion”– the painters, illuminators, and glassmen knew the color as red. So, it could be said that pure red is the color of divine love, the Holy Spirit, courage, self-sacrifice, martyrdom, and all the warm impulses that belong to the great-hearted everywhere.

Other Diverse Meanings and Uses of the Color Red

Civilized and uncivilized peoples of this world have never failed to give meanings and uses to the color Red. Our prehistoric ancestors saw red as the color of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces – and most of red’s symbolism today arises from its powerful associations in the past.

Whether, like the Valentine, it represents love and seduction, or joy and protection,  it has also been the color of extremes, like anger, danger and warnings.

Almost every national flag in the world carries some red, including our own:

In various flags, red representspower, revolution, vibrancy and war (symbolic of bloodshed). Other meanings include courage and domination, while it can also be viewed as an alert of danger. The red in the flag of the United States symbolizes valor and bravery.

The Essence of Red in Nature

We can hardly celebrate the incredible Red without turning to the source, Mother Nature. After all, the longest wavelength of light is red, and red is the highest arc of the natural rainbow.

Color has a huge impact on our emotions, our perceptions, and our spiritual and physical well being. And is it any wonder when you consider the beauty that it provides us on this planet?

People Who Hold Pianos Close to their Hearts

You may be, like us, one of those people that can’t imagine living without music and a piano. That’s how we feel too, and why it gives us such pleasure to continue to design and create pianos that have “heart” as their essence. It is in that spirit that we explore and create.

We celebrate Red and hope you’ll join us. There are few joys greater than to engage with a fine piano and good music. And it is hard to resist the iconic symbolism and visual pleasure of RED. We’ve joined them together to create this iconic new design.

The Red Aire™ baby grand piano could be just the instrument to change the feng shui of your home décor, and offer new and exciting adventures into the world of art, beauty and music. Look for the Red Aire™ piano,in a limited edition, in the late fall of 2018.  It won’t disappoint.

Red Grand Piano_3