Transparent Acrylic Pianos

A transparent piano fascinates and intrigues. Equal parts mystery, beauty, form and function, a custom acrylic piano adds that elusive je ne sais quoi instantly elevating a space from the mundane to the truly spectacular. 

See a sampling of customized transparent acrylic piano designs below. Transparent pianos are available in a myriad of styles, colors and hardware. Ask us about realizing your dream piano.  

Aire™ by Euro Pianos

Aire™ Piano

Designed and built exclusively by Euro Pianos, Aire™ is a stylish newly designed acrylic baby grand piano on the market. Add-ons include an acrylic piano bar and an invisible player system.

Bluthner Lucid iDyllic Excellence Rose Gold

Lucid iDyllic

Bluthner is a luxury piano manufacturer known for their line of fully see-through transparent pianos. The iDyllic Excellence is available in baby grand and grand pianos sizes. The colors of hardware, piano plate and other components are customizable.

Bluthner Lucid Elegance_1

Lucid Elegance

The Lucid Elegance piano is available in baby grand and grand pianos sizes. Choose your unique color for piano rim, hardware, piano plate and other components.

hive xtravaganza

Lucid HIVE Xtravaganza

Elegant and futuristic, this plexiglas piano is a statement piece that is sure to elevate your home interior. Available in a variety of colors.

Bluthner Lucid HIVE Elegance_WHITE-SILVER

Lucid HIVE Elegance

An elegant acrylic piano built by Bluthner. Fully customizable finishes including the sides of this futuristic piano.

Modern technology has made what was previously impossible, possible: a fully resonant acoustic instrument made of crystal-clear transparent material. The acrylic is custom fused and reinforced to support the immense weight and tension of the strung iron frame of the grand piano. Some of our plexiglass pianos have integrated LED lighting creating a dramatic and awe inspiring effect. It’s hard to fathom anything more contemporary and at the same time more romantically classic than a glowing glass piano whose timeless form appears to be levitating.
Bluthner Lucid PH modern piano

Bluthner PH

Timeless Acrylic grand piano designed by Poul Henningsen. Fully customizable finishes including the sides of this futuristic piano.

bluthner exo

Lucid EXO

Ultra modern grand piano designed by MONAD studio in Miami. The EXO will be created only once after which the design will be permanently retired.

Aire™ Red Baby Grand Piano_1

Aire™ Red

A new twist to our best selling Aire™ acrylic baby grand piano. This stunning red piano features crystal clear acrylic legs with a fully transparent lyre and lid.

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