Transparent Pianos

The gleam of crystal has fascinated people since ancient times. It’s alluring transparency reveals what is within yet beguiles with promise of discovery. Much like the open-heart mechanisms of exclusive timepieces or the exposed engine of the world’s fastest super cars, the wonder of the intricacies of a piano action can be glimpsed through the acrylic body of our transparent grand pianos.

Modern technology has made the impossible possible: a fully resonant acoustic instrument made of completely transparent material. The acrylic is custom fused and reinforced to support the immense weight and tension of the strung iron frame of the grand piano. Some of our plexiglass pianos have integrated LED lighting creating a dramatic and awe inspiring effect. It’s hard to fathom anything more contemporary and at the same time more romantically classic than a glowing glass piano whose timeless form appears to be levitating. The crystal piano refracts the light casting rainbows of colors into the room. Like baccarat chandeliers, our transparent pianos will transform your space into a light-filled haven where glamour and romance reside.